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You Want To Take this One To Bed



There is no better feeling than the one you have when you have had a hard long day and you end up in bed with a great read to just unwind. Reading, as we know, transports you into the world of stories that can just make you forget your annoying boss, your overbearing colleague or just to shut the voices out in your head in constant dilemma about life.

Hubb recommends these reads that will definitely grab your full attention!! These need to be a part of your library!

The Crow Girl By Erik Axl Sund

A deep,dark,complex and extremely intriguing read. On the search of a serial killer, Detective Kihlberg is determined to find the sick mind that is responsible for the gruesome murders. If you’re into suspense and crime thrillers, this is definitely highly recommended.



Close To Me By Amanja Reynolds 

The plot of this is so interesting that you will find it really hard to keep this one down. A woman has an accident and loses her memory of the past year of her life and a family who will try everything to keep her in the dark about what really happened. Trust me, you really want to know what exactly happened!



Lies She Told By Cate Holahan

A book within a book plot, Liza Jones has thirty days to write her book to get back on the bestseller list. All this while she’s trying to start a family with her husband who’s occupied by his best friend’s disappearance. Liza distracts herself by concentrating on her characters. Soon the lines between fiction and reality begin to blur and she has to solve the mysteries around her or this could mean the end of her character ..and her own.



The Secrets She Keeps By Michael Robotham

Working at a grocery store stocking shelves, Agatha is pregnant with a life not going as she hoped for it to be. Meghan, her chic customer, has everything going for her. A perfect family of two kids ,a handsome husband, a happy marriage and is a successful parenting blogger. When Agatha finds out that Meg is pregnant again and learns that both their due dates are around the same time, she musters up the courage to speak to her and befriends her. But, what Meghan doesn’t know is how this innocent exchange she has with Agatha is about to change the course of her “perfect” life forever.  This one delivers twists that will shock you making it extremely impossible to put down.



If you have read any of these already, tell us what you think. Share your review with us.







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