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Wonderlust- Musings from a people watcher.

A series of ‘what not only catches your eye’ but makes your jaws drop too!

I often wonder …

How some fancy looking women in stilettoes, trudge heavy shopping bags (brand bags occasionally) in malls. Astounding balance and a bullish attitude on placing style over comfort. Even if the feet are turning an uncomfortable shade of pink. Some carry this unique solidarity towards uncomfortable heels to airports! Wow!

Why people air-kiss or give you a hug at parties when they are always looking at who is at the right or the left of your shoulder so that they can greet them too quickly? Their gossamer wings touch you ever so lightly as they take flight to another cluster of more important ‘flowers’!

If it is a crime to repeat your clothes at social do’s, two people caught wearing the same outfit, makes the crime three-fold?

That most of our desi crowd is not born with blonde hair but have a look around and that is what you will largely see. Are we still are reeling under a colonial hangover? Or it just looks chic and it is strictly personal choice. But why does everyone have the same/similar kind of blonde?

Why some ridiculous dubsmash videos aren’t trolled? Sycophancy, favours and the need-to-please take precedence over positive criticism. This includes excessive use of filters on photographs as well.

If FB likes and comments were monetized, would people stop liking or commenting on your pictures? Would the generosity that we usually see all over, be over? Or would the whole social media space get crassily commercial? With discounts offered over likes or dislikes.



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