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Why we HUBB the new menu at PLAY

Dubai’s most sought-after dining destination, PLAY Restaurant and Lounge has just launched a new seasonal menu, full of gastronomical delights and ingenious flavours.

Beginning with a delectable array of appetizers is the PLAY Crispy Roti in three tantalizing tastes, including light seared wagyu beef in chipotle sauce, marinated Black Cod in citrus miso, and fork mashed avocado with a secret Japanese condiment, Yuzu Koshu. Also on offer are Steamy Gyoza filled with wagyu osso bucco and Japanese flavours; Lemon PrawnChilli Crab which is a blackened soft-shell crab in a spicy chilli sauce, and the Confused Italian which infuses wagyu beef rending with mushroom espuma and gruyere cheese.

For the veggie lovers, there’s Mushroom Tart, Begedil which is a potato beignet with chargrilled spring onion and romesco sauce, Portobello Mushrooms’ Fries served with umeboshi mayonnaise, and Rigatoni, a tomato chilli concasse served on parmesan crisp.

But save some room, because there’s a new dessert offering on their exemplary menu called 8 Elements, composed of eight raspberry desserts.

This is a definite HUBB recommendation!



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