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Why We Hubb Shahran

“Another Indian restaurant in Oud Metha..” I’ll be honest, when I received the invite for Shahran Fine Dining, I wasn’t too excited – Oud Metha has tons of good Indian restaurants, but being an all-out biryani lover I paid them a visit. Located in a quiet corner of Oud Metha, Shahran’s royal setting transports you to the palaces of India and it’s instantly clear that it’s a cut above the run-of-the-mill Indian restaurant.

To start, we tried the Chicken 65, a spicy starter that’s popular in Hyberabad which is the Indian city from which Shahran originates. Paired with the assorted tikkas, the fresh preparation and quality ingredients shone through – for people with a milder palette, I would suggest warning the waiters beforehand.


Starting on a delicious note, we continued our journey onto the main course where a few more Hyderabadi favourites popped up: Mutton Biryani and Seekh Kabab with Warqi Paratha (soft and crispy Indian bread). The presentation was unlike anything I’d seen before with the hanging Seekh Kababs reminding me of the grilled varieties at Nando’s. Thankfully, they tasted just as good and once again, the fresh ingredients were apparent from the freshly-cooked mutton, rice and chicken.

Finally, we got to the best bit – desserts. While my guest enjoyed the Khubani Ka Meetha (Sweet apricot paste topped with ice cream), I loved the Badam Kheer (Almond Pudding) which was the perfect milky texture paired with the right amount of sweet.

With tons of delicious dining options, stunning ambience, affordable prices (two people can dine for 150 AED) I’m sure I’ll head back to Shahran for my fix of an Indian fine dining experience that sits to the basics. My only issue would be the quiet location and the lack of outdoor seating.  




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