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Why millennial dating isn’t cool anymore

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Those were simpler times. You liked someone and you had to gather up the courage to ask them out, risking rejection. Today, the app store is our coffee shop and the comfort of our phone screens has left us swiping right, left and center in search of the love of our life.

There was a time when falling in love meant that we were comfortable being vulnerable and open. Commitment and loyalty were considered inherent shared values for a long lasting relationship. But not anymore. The hookup culture ensures that we are absolved of labeling our feelings and revealing our deepest secrets.

Tripping on lust

We are afraid of making a real connection because we can tap out of a relationship with a single thumb impression on our 5-inch screens. It’s a way of life we have chosen for ourselves, and it fits right into our lifestyle that values instant gratification instead of a meaningful personal connection. Love, at some point, meant marveling the flaws and imperfections of your significant other. Now, it has eroded into a transactional hollow feeling that we can wish away in an instant.

Crazy, simple love

The dating culture today is an entrapment of superficial affection. We’re mere subscribers of lust looking for that thrill for a few hours. But deep inside we know it isn’t going to last. No matter the BS stories we tell ourselves, a simple hug from the one you love at the end of a tiring day is all you need to sleep peacefully. Life isn’t a collection of fairytale snippets broadcasting on the silver screen; rather it’s a culmination of imperfect strokes on a canvas that encapsulates all shades of grey. Falling in love is easy but only if we aren’t afraid of the endless possibilities around us.





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