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Why I almost gave up.

When I started Hubb, I thought I was going to be launching the fashion website of the year. I roped in all my ex-colleagues who are also dear friends of mine to help me set it up. My colleagues, my friends, my team saw the potential I showed them in the Hubb. They believed in it and helped me give birth to my plan.

Hubb reached its fruition after months of planning and we had a good start. Stories were churning out daily and good stories were coming out. My team was fantastic and they supported me in every decision that I took. But running a website required money. I had a plan. I had a good amount of savings set aside for this. I was careful about the expenses. I didn’t invest in an office. The writers had the freedom to work from their home, a cafe or any place that they seemed fit. We had our weekly meetings at Starbucks. We were a well bound team. But, however careful I was, there was still a certain amount of money that the business required. There were salaries to pay. I had to pay for advertisements, promotions on social media, paying for shoots that had to put up in different sections of the website. I thought I would start earning in the form of advertisements, like every other publication does. Or so I thought.

No matter how good the stories were, there was very little traction. I didn’t understand what was going wrong. More or less similar stories were cropping up on other websites, but they were getting thousands of views. I started to talk to social media experts, who suggested that maybe buying followers would be the right thing to do, but somehow that was not a route I was willing to take. Gradually, I was using up all my savings. It was getting difficult to pay salaries. I never wanted to go beyond my means and I wanted to hit the brake before the crash. I stopped stories. I stopped doing videos and I was feeling absolutely miserable. I took time off. I took up other jobs and I started to travel and get back to my reading. If there was one thing constant in stories of successful people, it was that they always faced failure a number of times before they made it. It made me think on why I should leave something that I really believed in to work?

Maybe I was telling the wrong stories. Maybe I was just being part of the herd. I surely missed writing. I love it. I love telling stories. And that’s exactly what I’m going to do. I’m going to chose to write the stories I want to tell. I’m not saying I won’t be talking about things that are going to be trending, but I shall be changing the tone of the site.

So here’s me, back but with stories that maybe people will read and somehow think, this was a good read. And it’s still going to be organic. Here’s hoping.



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