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Shweta Bhatia



“Wow. The day is finally here. This is so exciting. We are live. This feeling is so amazing”

I still remember the day when I was walking down the streets of cold and cloudy London, my second most absolute favourite city in the world (first, ofcourse, being Dubai),  wondering how fabulous did the women strutting around me looked. There on Bond Street, I witnessed all kinds of style. Women who were gothic, classy, edgy, androgynous , nerdy, simple, casual, formal, sporty, messy, proper and so much more.  It was then I realised how fashion had a different meaning to every woman

It was at that moment, I think,  when I truly and deeply fell in love with fashion. I was in awe. I was in awe of how one pavement could be such a treat to the eyes. Every look told a unique story. Every gesture was that of pure allure. And that one hour summed up fashion for me.

Right about then I had the idea for sharing that very same feeling I felt with all. In just a matter of minutes, you should feel inspired, fascinated, inquisitive and just.. happy. And that’s how Hubb was conceived in my mind.

Growing up in this wonderful country, I couldn’t think of any other destination in the world who have such an interesting array of people. This is where fashion resides.  Hubb means ‘Love’ in Arabic and with communities from all around the world who live in harmony and do so in complete style, love at first sight it is.

Just like this country, at Hubb, we too are multi-faceted. There is something for everyone. From Fashion, beauty and lifestyle to our favourite ‘F’ words- food, films, folios, fetes and furthermore, we at Hubb want you to sit back and feel good.

Ofcourse this could have never happened without my pillars of strength! A power house team that consists of Yasmeen Maqbool- Managing Editor, Nupur Jaisighani- Editor at Large and Priyanka Johri- Fashion and Beauty Editor. They are really the reason to turn my vision into reality and to whom I shall forever be grateful. My mentors, Manju Ramanan and Althea Kaushal who guided me throughout the way are God sent and I love them dearly. And to all those people who have inspired me and taught me so much to be the person I am today- thank you. Here’s wishing that you Hubb  this journey as much I do.


Till then,

Hubb away.”








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