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This brand converted me into a Ayurvedic Skincare Fanatic.

I’ve always dealt with sensitive skin. Acne issues in my teens, easily contracting rashes in contact with a little bit of pollution, hair that had to be handled by a professional so that I don’t go bald… and so many issues concerning my skin and hair. For the longest time now, I listened and obeyed my dermatologist like the leader of  the good skin and blindly invested thousands in expensive skin care from France to Australia.

Then someone in India told me that there is a new brand… well relatively new brand, its recent, has been in town for a while now and is life-changing for skin and hair. Yes, she used the word ‘life-changing’. I was skeptical, so I thought, I’ll try it from the bottom of the produce chain which was a lip balm and a lip scrub.

Forrest Essentials is a complete Ayurvedic company which makes it’s products from hundred percent organic ingredients and there is absolute no use of chemicals whatsoever. They have a saying in Ayurveda which states if you can’t eat it, then don’t use it on yourself.  Coming back to the lip balm, which was made with rose water and the scrub was brown sugar and lemon.. It took me a couple of weeks but I was hooked. I hadn’t tried anything better that made my lips not peal in the winters and chap too much in the summers.  I then moved on to the body oil which was instantly the best feeling, then the body wash, the shampoo and hair conditioners and now.. I probably have almost every product from Forrest Essentials which is on display at their store. I think it’s the best decision I have made after eliminating heels from my life.

My skin has never felt this great. From body oils to anti ageing, they seem to have the answer to all our woes.


The products are produced with the highest level of attention to detail. The skincare itself will give you results in a matter of days and here’s the best part.. you aren’t burning your pocket to buy it. It’s packaged beautifully which makes you re-use the boxes and finally… the smell. The smell of each product would put a good perfume to shame. So not only, are you getting great results but you smell as if you’ve spent hours in aroma therapy. They are so good that the French Beauty Company, Estee Lauder now has stakes in the company.

For now, the products are available online here  , but if rumour mills are to be believed, then there might be a store opening soon in Dubai.

Go on, have a go. Go convert yourself to an Ayurvedic consumer, hey I mean you are doing with all your food aren’t you?? Why not Skincare? Believe me, it’s life-changing. 😉




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