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The Outsider : My Run In with Fashion

I don’t do fashion. I’ve never been able to. These are statements that cannot be stressed enough. But, in the past few weeks, I’ve been trying. I really have. I have also been failing. I decided to take on this little project… it’s one of the more insane ideas I’ve had. I decided to go through the Instagram account of the most fashion-savvy person I know and try and recreate some of those pictures, in an attempt to prove something. I’ll get to that.

Who is the most fashionable person I know? Why, Shweta Bhatia, of course! So, after days of virtually stalking her, I decided on a few photos that I would ‘recreate’… to the best of my abilities, of course. I commandeered the help of one of my friends, Resh, for this insane project (she laughed for a good 5 minutes after she heard the idea… not very encouraging). The woman takes beautiful photos so maybe this project might not be so doomed.

So, this is my attempt at proving that I’m actually not good at being a ‘fashion person’, with a running commentary of what was going on in my mind in each photo.

This is Shweta in between meetings. Looking flawless and leggy and professional. Look at her! And now, let’s take a look at me, shall we?

This is me… in between edit meetings. Wearing a Mickey and Minnie t-shirt that says ‘Let’s Dance’ and bright blue shoes. Not even kidding. Does this look professional to you? Or fashionable? From any angle? When people put up their photos on Instagram, they use the ‘ootd’ (outfit of the day) hashtag and tag all the brands. Who am I supposed to tag? The Disney universe?

My thoughts: Suck the stomach in and try not to frown so much…. oh god, why is it so hot? Haha, Resh is on the floor! God bless her for doing this though… I wish this was over already!

This is Shweta looking contemplative and like a freaking postcard ready model as she sips her coffee and soaks in the sun for some Vitamin D. Cut to…

This is me.. sitting on a bench sweating buckets in the Dubai heat at 4PM. The sun doesn’t care that I have to take this photo. It’s not streaming sunlight gently on my face… oh no! Also, please note… this is my lumberjack look. The checked flannel shirt and jeans, which are a part of my wardrobe so often that my friends have now asked me to stop wearing the color red.

My thoughts: Seriously, why am I here? It’s hot and I want coffee. Didn’t this photo also have cake in it? Maybe I should get cake, but then it wouldn’t last long enough to be in the photo. Never mind. How did Shweta take a photo like that? Why am I doing this again? I really need to stop having such terrible ideas! Resh! Don’t fall into the grass! Phew!

This is Shweta… looking fresh faced and positively giddy after having just woken up. She’s on her first cup of coffee for the day and look at her. She can’t claim to be a morning person after this. Sigh… brace yourselves…

Trying to get me first thing in the morning is like asking for trouble. I’m not a morning person, but this photo comes close enough to how I feel when I wake up. Notice the eyes. I have dead eyes because by this point, I was done. With everything!

My thoughts: My contacts are killing me! God, this is tough. How is the angle for this photo even going to work? Phew, it’s almost over. Thank God, this shirt is comfortable… I really do love this shirt.. maybe I should shop at Marks & Spencer more often. What is wrong with me?! Stop thinking about clothes!

Shweta wouldn’t be the Shweta I know and love if she didn’t have a photo like that on her Instagram. Look at her just sitting there and retouching her lipstick, like it’s NBD (No Big Deal). Everything and I mean everything is on point here… the hair, the clothes, the make up, the manicure even! Sigh.. here we go…

I couldn’t help myself… out of all the photos, this was possibly the hardest to recreate! I’m not someone who retouches my lipstick in private, let alone in public. Resh looks at me as I finally crack and burst into laughter because there is no way I can do this ‘pose’ seriously. Also please note, I TRIED to stylise this photo just a bit. I don’t wear a lot of jewellery, so that’s at a minimum, but damn it, I love me some weird, funky coloured scarves.

My thoughts: I picked this scarf on purpose… huh, maybe I’m like 5% into this whole fashion thing. Eh, maybe not. THIS IS THE LAST SHOT! YAAAAY! I’M DONE! I CAN CHANGE AND GO HOME!

Finally, the ordeal ends and I realise that yes, I make conscious choices with my clothes sometimes, but I’m far from legit ‘fashionable’.

I also have one more thought at the end of this… what in the world was Shweta Bhatia thinking when she got me onboard for Hubb?!

I guess, she has her reasons.

Also, massive shoutout to Reshel Shah, genius extraordinaire, who took all my photos and made them look wayyy better than the model she had to work with!




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