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The Outsider- D3 & it’s dress code

Chapter 2

We went live last week and what an exciting time it was for us! The week leading up to it was of course, completely insane. While we were preparing to go live, we were also trying to attend meetings Shweta had set up as she was going to be travelling soon.But I shall digress.

So, Shweta and I were in D3, you know…Dubai Design District for the uninitiated and we were running between buildings trying to be on time for all the meetings. My overlord was of course, looking flawless and I have the pictures to prove it. Me on the other hand… you don’t want to know. Just ask Haroon, our men’s fashion contributor. He saw me later in the day and I was a MESS.

Anyway, I digress again. Shweta and I were sitting and catching our breath in between for a few minutes, when she wistfully looked at the building in front of us.

“You know hun, we should have an office here. It’s just stunning here…” she trailed off with a sigh.

I nodded my head in agreement for one reason only; it was a beautiful place to work at. It really was. Each office was designed so beautifully and the architecture was complimented with lush restaurants that made you just want to stare at it for as long as you could. But my mind was occupied dealing with an annoying thought that was clearly evident all around D3.

“I’ve noticed that ONLY good looking people work in D3,”  I said. Shweta looked at me as if that was a problem. “That, or they’re super fashion-savvy, which as we’ve established, I’m not! If we were to get an office in D3, which I hope we do, I WILL never be able to dress casual to work anymore.” I said exasperated. Shweta just laughed and said, “Don’t be silly” and walked on but I could swear her face went into a thought process imagining my dress code with the background of the fabulous D3.

I guess she didn’t think I was serious. But I was. Heck, even casual Thursdays won’t be casual anymore. I’d have to wear ‘proper adult’ clothes and I won’t be able to wear my Mickey Mouse t-shirt, which is what I’m literally wearing right now. I’ll have to have on a full face of make-up and look ‘professional’. It would mean saying goodbye to my Superman shirts that I usually wear for editorial meetings. It would mean bidding farewell to my beloved Converse (okay, maybe those I could sneak by Shweta. Aren’t sneakers in or something?)

See, my usual style is hobo-chic…hold the chic. It’s a look I’ve carefully cultivated over the years by just not paying attention to ‘trends’ and ‘styles’. I’m more of the ‘let’s roll out of bed and see what surprise lies in the depths of my wardrobe’ kind of person.

No, but seriously though, even if I were to dress up slightly fancy, it wouldn’t matter. And I’ll prove it to you. Just not today. I just came back from D3 and my self-esteem hasn’t made a full recovery yet. Next week then!







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