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The Misogynist Woman

I have been contemplating on reporting this one for a while now. But I really do think it’s time. It’s a time when the world is questioning the role of a woman more than ever before. I really laugh when I meet a misogynist woman. Sadly, they belong from my generation or the next. So, who is the misogynist woman? She’s someone you know, in your circle, who hail from great families, highly educated and are within the top social circles of the world. These are women updating, their social media, daily with their best looks, the travels they capture , the exquisite food they taste & the high life they lead. These are also women who believe that women itself  are the weaker sex and say it with utmost conviction and confidence.

These are some of the dialogues I have heard from my conversations with some of these women, whom,  I have met in the past few years. I won’t name to shame them.. only because they aren’t the only people to think this way. I can guarantee that most of you who are reading this know a woman like this or maybe have the same opinion yourself .

As for my opinions, you shall find them following each dialogue.

“A girl is supposed to do whatever her husband asks her to. Only then can she be happy, only then can the relationship work. Men hate women who have too much of an opinion. After all, our role in life is to keep them happy and at peace after they work so hard at work to buy us things and give us a house to live in. The last thing in life they want is for us to give them our opinions. So the best thing is to just ignore their rude remarks and tantrums and just be quiet and do our job.”

Because who needs the brain right? Such a waste of space! Just like a gal bladder, a woman can also live without a brain. The next time, your man asks you for an opinion, please blink slowly three times for him to recognise your dumbness, followed by a creepy smile. Or wait, don’t give the creepy smile.. incase it offends him and he refuses to buy you your next bag. 

“I think a guy shouldn’t marry a girl from the movies. You know how those girls are. They aren’t homely and won’t be able to give a good upbringing to the next of their kins. You know, in terms of tradition and showing respect.”

Ofcourse… Actually the world’s best kept secret is….. that actresses aren’t really human. They are actually aliens who have been scientifically generated to look human. The only religion they follow is drugs and rock n roll. If, by human error, a man happens to marry an actress, witness their life going up in flames! 

“I mean, if I’m out with my husband till late in the night, then it’s safe. But if I go to clubs or restaurants alone, then ofcourse the other guys are going to think I’m available for a good time. You can’t blame the men when women take their freedom too far. That’s not how we were raised.”

Absolutely darling. I hope you are taking all precautions to be safe. I hope that your husband is there with you when you go to the bathroom, just incase, finding you all alone , the water make take the liberty of cleaning your mind more than it should. After all, you need to value your freedom. 

“Oh please, careers are for women who really need the money. In business families, we get the best of everything. We study at the best schools, wear the best clothes, but we have to eventually get married. And it’s not like we don’t have careers. Look at me now, I go to my husband’s office for two hours everyday and help him with his work. In a way, I have a career too. “

You’re right! Two hours a day is a dream career to have! I mean all those women who are putting their education to use and working hard for their families are really just faffing about. But you.. oh man.. you are an inspiration for the dumb and dumber association. Take a bow. 

“Listen, I don’t want to sound anti-feminist but girls who do flaunt their bodies are asking for attention. I mean why else do they need to show their body off. They then attract the wrong guys to themselves and then act like a victim if the boy tries to get too fresh. Well, what do you expect?? If you’re going to wear such a short skirt, ofcourse the boy will think you are always available for a good time.”

I need to give you a high five… on your face… with a chair. 

“Life is not easy for a woman if she divorces a man. There is a certain respect you get when you are married and when you get divorced, people will not give you the same respect. I don’t even know what it means to have no connection with the husband. He pays for the house, the life , the car… so what if you don’t get along with him. As long as he pays the bills, no one cares about stupid things like finding yourself and experiencing life. Divorce is common and okay for celebrities, you know, because they are from that world.. not for us normal folk.”

Normal folk?  Thanos??  Are you listening??? Please just step on her. Just once. Please. *folded hands* 

“Ofcourse a man will cheat. That’s how all men are. It’s not reason to leave him. Men from the beginning of time have cheated. If you are constantly going to be working and not giving him time, he will cheat and in a way, it is partly your fault.”

Oh well, thank God she said ‘beginning of time’ . Phew. That makes this so much better and easier to accept. Now I can sleep in peace knowing that my man’s ancestors were strong with their beliefs atleast. 

“Women who are open-minded and modern are kind of a bad influence on other girls. They constantly get themselves into trouble by speaking their mind. The society is about rules. If you don’t follow the rules, then you’re out. Simple as that.”

Now only if your parents had followed the rule of not having a girl child in rural India, the world would have had one less imbecile. 

“Have you seen her son! He is so badly behaved and it’s all because of her job. I mean, why does she work? She doesn’t even need it. Her husband is at a very good position in his company. She should concentrate on bringing up her child properly and giving him her personal time than concentrate on her career.”

….said the woman as her son was bawling and hitting his nanny for forgetting his ‘spiderman’ water bottle in the car in the background. #parentinggoals #mothersinglasshouses ..

“I think girls who swear are cheap.”

What the @£%^%$£  does this b!@£$%%$£@ mean by this %$£@£$%^$%£$ statement? 

“I’m not saying that girls who are fat don’t look nice or something because today saying anything to that context means you’re body shaming and all that. But come on, you can’t deny that women who are fit look good in everything. This is not me trying to body shame.. it’s just my observation”

*slow clap!!* 



I’ve said what I had to.. so i’m going to end this with a quote from ‘The Iron Lady’.

Watch your thoughts, for they become words. Watch your words, for they become actions. Watch your actions, for they become habits. Watch your habits, for they become your character.. And watch your character, for it becomes your destiny. What we think, we become.



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