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The Basic Makeup Kit- How much do you really need?

Over the past decade, beauty has undergone a series of unprecedented shifts in the business. Billions of dollars are invested in the industry every year.

Thanks to social media, every third post will be about a face being painted and show you the amazing transformation at the end of it. This whole show, not only, enthrals the viewer but makes you want to emulate the same for yourself. You, then get into a search for the same products and add to your stock. Makeup has had a whole new face lift on it’s own. Now, we have a product for almost every small inch of our face. But the question is how much makeup do you actually need?

The kits seem to keep growing and I, personally, get a lot of questions on sharing the list on what to buy. The fact of the matter is that, unless you are in a field of work where you have to deck up on a daily basis, getting so many products to buy won’t make any sense if you are not used to it. Yes, there is definitely a feel good factor at the end of it, but there are ways to achieve that without burning a hole in your pocket.

If you have these basics, you can achieve a great look and not burn a hole in your pocket.


1. A Good Foundation


There are many girls, I know, who don’t like wearing foundation as they say their skin feels heavy. If your skin feels like that, then you are using the wrong foundation. The foundation has to sit light on yourself. It needs to blend well with your skin tone and not stand out. Some people are happy to use a tinted BB cream as well and that is perfectly okay. Find your colour and stick to it. Unless you try something new that is better on your skin from the product you are already using, do not change your brand often.  A good foundation will always give you the finish you are looking for, after which you will not require any other form of base. It should feel like a second skin.


2. Eyeliner


Ever failed to ape those Instagram videos of women painting their lids and coming out flawless? Or do you have stacks of palettes you bought in a whim and now don’t really use it? It’s alright. You aren’t the only one. Many of us have eyeshadows we don’t use as much. Some of us don’t even know how to. But if you want the basics, then the eyeliner is your hero for almost every occasion. Whether you plan to smudge it on the top and bottom of your eyes, or just stick to a winged look, the eyeliner is the answer to every makeup kit. It comes in colours now, so you could experiment, but if you don’t want the colours, remember  black goes with everything.


3. Blush


Every makeup kit needs a good blush. Chose the one right colour for you, if you don’t want to stuff your kit with too many. A blush lasts long, so you will have enough time till you run out of one. Another fashion hack is to smudge a little lipstick on to your cheeks and rub them real good. It does the trick.


4. Brushes



How many brushes do you really need? Well the truth is that brushes do definitely help cover the makeup better but I also know off so many people who use their hands and  are equally successful, except in the case of the eyeliner, you will need a brush for that. But if we have to invest in basic brushes, then a foundation, eyeliner and one for the blush is good enough.


5. Highlighter

A stroke of highlight on those cheekbones definitely enhance the look. So it is a must in that kit. One can also just use the highlighter minus the blush. It works just fine.


6. Lipstick


Alright, I’m not going to tell you how many lipsticks you should have. Infact, no one should tell you how many lipsticks any woman should have.. but (yes there’s a but), if say, you are travelling and want to carry the basic shades then go for one light, one medium shade  and a red. One must always have a red.


7. Mascara

Lastly, the mascara is the cherry on the cake. Once you use the mascara, you never finish the look without it.










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