Paola De Luca – Breaking stereotypes & setting trends

We caught up with the fabulous Paola De Luca Founder of The Futurist Ltd, and co-founder of Trendvision Jewellery & Forecasting to learn a little more about her and gain insights into the upcoming jewellery trends for 2018-19.

Why did you get into Jewellery?

“My first real love was fashion. I won a scholarship to study jewellery in Italy where I learned metal smith and jewellery making, and fell in love with being able to combine my love for fashion and skills for metal smith into jewellery. So I started as a designer but evolved into creative direction and ultimately forecasting and art direction. I believe my strength is the link between final consumers and jewellery, which should be a projection of a lifestyle rather than just jewellery, it is a reflection of who we are and shows our individuality through a precious decor.”

What are the upcoming market trends to look out for in 2018?

 “There are several emerging trends, the first being minimalist jewellery which is lightweight, pieces which are stackable and collectable for consumers. They are very thin, very fluid and sometimes geometric but an evolved geometry. Lightweight pieces in gold but very often with diamond accents so it looks like you are wearing floating diamonds. I think the good thing about this trend is that consumers are collecting these items slowly but surely and really creating their own wardrobe. I think this is the biggest trend.

Another interesting trend is a mix and match to create your own look, so every piece, including earrings, can be bought individually rather than as a set. So everything is essentially collectable and customisable by the wearer. Another trend is unusual designs. Indie companies are very hot these days so signature and iconic pieces that allow the wearer to express their own individuality and use jewellery as a form of self-expression is the perfect solution.”

Tell us 5 things about you that no one knows?

“Well I would say there is one key word to describe me, I am a rebel. I’m always anti-system even though I work for important global brands, the government and trade shows such as VOD Dubai International Jewellery Show. I always like to be independent and think against the tide. I think having an independent perspective in life is very important. I also really believe in human relationships, because I believe this is the real treasure of life.”


What are some of the most exciting design projects you’ve worked on?

“I have had the opportunity to work with some very special and iconic people in fashion from Ferragamo to Swarovski and Armani, but besides the big names I feel blessed as I always have had the opportunity to work with people that challenge me regardless of their fame. I am grateful to them for allowing me to take my vision to the next level. The more difficult the project the more it made me a better professional, and ultimately a better person.”


How has working with the likes of Harry Winston, Swarovski and Ferragamo inspired your designs?

“The way we work usually depends on the client. Sometimes we work with a certain stone, a diamond or a pearl for example, or we work to a certain design. I always get my inspiration from art, exhibitions and nature. Inspiration can always be found anywhere, it could be nature, it could be God, but they do not necessarily come from the jewellery business. As part of my role, I monitor the industry and am an analyst of trends, patterns and silhouettes, but when you have to design a collection I prefer to look at the streets and art as this is what inspires everything.”




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