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No Season 2 for Naomi Watts’ Gypsy!

Sorry, Gypsy fans: the psycho-drama will not return for a second season. The announcement came almost six weeks after it’s premiere. It’s the quickest Netflix has ever canceled one of its original scripted dramas. The multimedia giant has not yet provided a reason for the cancellation, but given Netflix’s recently adjusted programming outlook, it’s understandable why Gypsy got the boot so quickly.

As per Netflix founder and C.E.O. Reed Hastings, Netflix is actually aiming to cancel more shows. So far, this has led to cancellations including The Get Down, Girlboss, and Sense8—the latter of which had a deeply devoted fanbase that strongly petitioned for it to return mourning it’s loss.

Needless to say, we are not very happy about this boot. All those Naomi Watts fans who still want her on their small screens, can still catch her on Showtime’s Twin Peaks. Well, there’s still some hope.



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