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My Fav Top 5 Online Shopping Websites

Let’s face it, with the temperatures rising and those long working hours, I tend to feel quite lazy to get myself to go to my favourite mall and look for a parking (which, by the way,.. why is it so full all the time!!!??) , then walk, walk walk.. to the store I want to go to and have a  ‘oh wait, that looks nice’ moment which is stop at another store and buy something you probably didn’t need in the first place (Argh). Wait in queues for the trial rooms and then again to make the payment. Then make your way to the other shop you want to go to which is at the other end of the mall.

It’s like a workout and seriously, who wants another workout once you’ve served your time at the gym in the morning. (Okay, this statement doesn’t apply to fitness enthusiasts! You guys are … umm.. inspiring, is the word I’m going to go for)

So, after months of careful investigation with great companions by my side (a glass of red, white, coffee, tea; you get the gist) and a small hole in my pocket, which, honestly could have really been caused by a moth, I have found the best online shopping websites for us Dubaiites.

What’s even better is that most of them have started a ‘cash on delivery’ option so now your partner can’t track your spendings ( I call it ‘investments’)  while doing his accounts at the end of the month. Phew! The process is so much more easier than that adventure I took post work… Did I forget to mention saving time in traffic?

Anyhow, You ladies know the drill. Sign in. Shop. Delivery day. Try. Fits? Amazing! Doesn’t fit? Return. Repeat.

Here’s my fav top 5 shopping websites!!



The Outnet




The Modist



Raw Orange



Go wild!



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