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With a steady rise in mental health issues, given our crazy schedules and hours of staying awake either because of work, or binge-watching our favourite shows, we need to pay a little more attention to mental health too.

While physical fitness is given so much importance, let’s not forget that our minds need a little bit of TLC too.

 A lot of people have opened up about their experiences coping with anxiety, depression or even just a low attention span, which encourages a healthy conversation about it. They all have some pointers for us: 

  • Maintain a routine where you at least try and get 8 hours of sleep. Half the problems we face are because our minds haven’t rested enough.
  • Focus on a hobby or an activity that is not related to your job or studies. A yoga class, glass painting, even just taking an hour off to read something new every day helps.
  • Talk to people – we seem to have romanticised isolation which goes against the biggest human fact ‘Man is a social animal’. We need people around us, family, friends and chatting with them is essential.
  • Open up about your problems. The minute you discuss what troubles you with someone who cares, you get a different perspective. This makes getting to a solution much easier!
  • Lastly, if you know of a friend, who’s showing some signs of isolation, extreme mood swings or general irritability, stick around them and try to get them to share their problems. Most of them just feel no one understands them.

Know that your mind should make you a better, stronger person. If it’s constantly playing against you, there is some help you need.



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