Makeup tutorial with Charlotte Tilbury

Have you ever wondered how to get the perfect look that you see on Runway models? You know the one, Perfect eyeliner, pout-y lips and cheekbones to die for?  Consider your catwalk curiosity satisfied, we have all the answers you need and we’re ready to share! Charlotte Tilbury was behind the scenes adding glamour and beauty at London Fashion Week providing two very distinct looks for Temperly London and Versus by Versace. Here’s how to achieve these two gorgeous looks right at home using all her gorgeous products! After this you may just have a whole new makeup bucket list, don’t say you weren’t warned!

Charlotte Tilbury at Alice Temperly 

“This look is French Riviera fresh with a forties twist. It’s all about healthy glowing complexion that’s been kissed by the Riviera sun, movie-star highlights, a wash of light on the eye, and brilliantly bold modern matte Hot Lips Tell Laura orange-red geranium lips” – Charlotte Tilbury


Makeup Prep and Face:

1. Charlotte prepped models skin with her best-selling Magic Cream to face and neck to plump
and hydrate, and create the perfect canvas. Charlotte’s secret to the ultimate runway glow!
2. She followed this with Magic Eye Rescue to firm, plump and brighten the eye area.
3. Charlotte applied a light layer of her Unisex Healthy Glow to model’s skin to give a natural
warmth to the face.
4. She followed this with The Retoucher concealer where needed for healthy, glowing skin.
5. Charlotte applied her NEW Hollywood Contour Wand to contour the nose, jawline and define
the cheekbones. She also used the Medium-Dark shade to add a sun kissed glow to the cheeks.
6. Next Charlotte applied her NEW Hollywood Beauty Light Wand highlighter on top of the
cheekbones, taking it down towards the apple of the cheeks, down the centre of the nose, and on
the Cupid’s bow to give models the ultimate luminosity and radiance!
7. Brows were beautiful and fluffy using Legendary Brows in the shades matched to the models

Creating that statement Lip:

8. Charlotte added her NEW Hollywood Beauty Light Wand across the entire eye lid and at
the inner corners of the eyes using her Eye Smudger Brush.
9. Models lashes were left natural but curled for definition using Charlotte’s Life Changing
Lashes curler.
10. Charlotte completed the look with a stand-out matte lip. She mixed Hot Lips in Tell Laura
with NEW Hollywood Lips in Walk of Fame (US exclusive) for the ultimate orange-red
geranium shade.

For those perfect eyes:

8. For the eyes, Charlotte applied Eyes To Mesmerise in Bette over the top with her fingertip,
then softened the edges with her Eye Blender Brush. Charlotte also applied the colour at the
inner corners of the eyes and slightly on the inner lashes then blended using her Eye Smudger
9. Charlotte added the POP shade from her Vintage Vamp Luxury Palette to the centre of the
models eyelid with her finger.
10. Lips were pared back using a subtle hint of Matte Revolution in Pillow Talk with a sweep of lip balm over the top


Charlotte Tilbury at Versus by Versace

“This look was inspired by the great and glorious Amy Winehouse’ iconic punky, graphic, overdrawn Feline Flick, as well as Kate Moss’ signature eye. The complexion was lit-from-within, highlighted, glowing, bare and natural with a fuller, wider beige Nude Kate lip. Donatella wanted every model to have a slightly different makeup personality, but all feel like they were from the same tribe” – Charlotte Tilbury

This look was achieved by prepping the face the same way as above with her Magic cream, Magic Eye Rescue and  Retoucher concealer! After the initial prep, the look was attained in just 6 simple steps!


The Face:

1. Charlotte applied her NEW Hollywood Beauty Light Wand highlighter lightly on top of her cheekbones,
centre of the nose, forehead and chin to bounce off the light and give them the ultimate luminosity and
2. Brows were left undone and natural, simply brushed up

The Eyes:

3. Charlotte then created a lived in feline flick eye look using Rock ‘n’ Kohl liquid eyeliner pencil in Bedroom
Black along waterline and smudged in with Vaseline. A thick straight feline flick was the applied on top with
Bedroom Black as well as The Feline Flick Liquid Eye Pen in Panther, and models squeezed their eyes
tight to smudge. Each model had their own character so each eye was intentionally not the same.
4. Charlotte then finished the eye look with her iconic Full Fat lashes mascara on her top lashes!

For the Pout:

5. Charlotte completed the look with Nude Kate dabbed onto lips or Hepburn Honey for darker skin tones
6. And finally, she applied a light dusting of the most finely milled Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder on the lips
to matte them, and on the complexion to perfect the skin, brighten the complexion and prevent excess shine.



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