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The worldwide celebrity lady stars have been a major force to become accidental brand ambassadors of all-purpose aesthetics. Primarily, the women who are the idolaters of those beau ideals opt for the loveliness of miscellaneous lipstick brands. Rather than figuring out the brand, the selection of congenial textures is the major hardship which awaits our womenfolk before a sumptuous banquet.









MAC’s updated Lucky Red Lipstick series that rendered as a collector’s item remind us that the spanking emotion of every woman is determined by her skin tone as well as the suitable lipstick color that she fixes. While the brand’s iconic red lipsticks like Ruby Woo and Russian Red have votaries all over the world, MACs introduction of the all new limited edition red tones in accordance with the Lunar New Year Fiesta have a few more peculiarities.













According to the spring festival of modern China and the traditional Chinese calendar, the beginning of the Chinese New Year will be on Tuesday- the 5th of February, 2019. Along with the early mentioned classic reds, the newly packed Lucky Red Lipsticks would be a massive ripple for the collectors of a new piece. A matte mid-pinky tone named Lotus light and two powder blush tones; one in Melba texture (Matte, soft, coral, peach) and the other named Love Cloud (bright and satin, mid-pink tone) and a powder blush are the prospectus of the all new choice of MAC’s Lucky Red Lipstick series.



Lipsticks are fresh tools to fill your lips and convey the gentle obviousness through its beautiful shades. It is not just a simple cosmetic, but an update for your own self that agree to your ataraxy.  One of the paramount cosmetic brands like MAC with a regular array of remarkable customer satisfaction can easily finagle the New Year’s fanfare.




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