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Let the conversation flow! 

You’ve got that right swipe, or have exchanged numbers on some pretext, what next? It’s all down to the conversations you have between now and the next date. Here are a few things you can keep in mind, to ensure people like seeing your name pop up on their chats. 

Start right, you’ve won half your battle. 

Start by saying ‘Hello!’ or a simple ‘Hi!’ – ask if it’s a good time to chat and wait for them to respond. 

Ask better questions. 

‘How’s the weekend going?’ 

‘Are you planning to watch xyz movie over the weekend? Heard it’s really good!’

If you know about a hobby of theirs, bring that up – ‘There’s an art exhibition going on, want to come?’ 

3. Respond to their questions HONESTLY! There’s nothing more embarrassing than being caught in a lie. If you have never eaten sushi, say so. If you’ve never bungee-jumped, don’t lie about it. If you don’t like sheesha, don’t say yes. 

4. Talk about your experiences, how was it when you bungee-jumped for the first time! Your first trip out of the country, or even your first day in college. Trust me, it’s not boring. 

5. Now, here’s a list of don’ts: 

a. Do not reply with ‘Hmmmmmm’. You’re human, not a cow. 
b. Those ugly ‘Good morning’ images where a sun is coming out of a tea cup and a rose is coming out of the sun, need to die. 
c. Do not continuously reply with emojis
d. Typ lyk ths wth lots of !!!! and ???? is annoying. Stop! Please! 

Lastly, if you’ve texted twice, and they haven’t responded, don’t keep texting. Wait for them to respond. If they don’t, you know this is over. 

All in all, be a happy person while texting, smile, crack jokes, it’s easy to keep a conversation going. 



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