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JOMO (Joy Of Missing Out) – The new Self Care

I am a big believer and a follower of FOMO’s counterpart JOMO.

FOMO, fear of missing out as it’s fondly called, is an uncomfortable feeling one feels when they are not at a social event or haven’t seen the latest movie everyone is talking about in the office. Just scrolling through their social media casually could make them feel queasy because they weren’t a part of the selfie their friend took with the rest of the gang on the beautiful beach of France for which they were invited to but couldn’t make it due to work. People who deal with FOMO rather exhaust themselves physically day after day but be there for every event, big or small, of their lives in the fear of, literally, missing out.

JOMO, on the other hand, is the Joy Of Missing Out. More and more people are understanding how important it is to zone out to get that peace of mind in today’s hectic routines. With this recently emerged characteristic, people have started to realise that the priority should be one’s own needs & desires.  Scrolling through your phone can lead one into the social media vortex that can take away minutes and hours. People have started to realise how much it’s taking away from their real, valuable time. Too much of anything is never too good and that’s the same case with being too socially available for everyone.

There are those, who are the kind of people, others rely upon emotionally. They are the shoulders you find to cry on or the random stranger exuding a vibe that you instantly feel the need to confide to. They are easy to talk to and approachable and the beauty of it is, they never ever say no to being there for you. This whole exercise for the person is mentally exhausting. And then there are those who are originally introverts and enjoy their free time but succumb to the social pressure. If you are any of the above, which I am, I would highly advise to shut out from the world once in a while.


Even though I’m not a socially awkward person and I do actively take part in conversations and mingle well at a soirée , the inside of me just wants to go back home and shut down from everyone. I prefer shutting my phone and just be by myself. It’s absolutely joyous. The social pressure is absolutely brutal! Friends, don’t let you forget that you are now growing old and these are all the traits of a boring person. But the thing is, I stopped caring what they thought.

It’s very important to shut out the noise of meaningless banter. Try to stick to your basic routine, such as going to work and maybe putting in a workout. Go for a walk or cup of coffee with a book. Try to reduce the conversation to let your mind have a moment. I, personally, am a homebody. I LOVE to just sit in my room, with my books, my television and just myself. In the beginning I was restless, but there came a time, where I couldn’t bear to go to another party, another lunch or another family commitment. I started hating these places and the people there. I would start looking for excuses to not go because I was just constantly tired. Physically and mentally. Then I decided to have my ‘me-time’. I began to switch off my phone to stop talking. I stopped going to events which weren’t very important. I started loving it and now it’s something I practice for the most of it. I feel more calmer now, more relaxed and I actually enjoy the gatherings I go to now. I read more which I didn’t get time for and now have perspective on things that I ignored doing. Now, in a literal sense, I look forward to catching up with people who I haven’t seen and spoken to in a while.

JOMO may definitely not be good for your social standing but it sure is good for the soul… and at the end of the day, that’s all that matters.





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