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Curator with an Edge- Jardel Silva

Sitting in an office that can only be described as uber- chic, I sipped on my water as I waited to meet our next influencer. Here’s what I knew so far, he had an event management company of his own which was responsible for some of the most glamorous and sophisticated events that Dubai had ever seen. There’s a period of time we’re all familiar with, lets call it the dramatic period. It’s when the first one of your friends says she’s getting married and then the rest all fall like dominos. Before you know it, you’re shuttling between each wedding, performing the role of bridesmaid, maid of honour and wedding designer, all the while promising to be a social recluse from now on just so that you would never have to be cast in one of these roles again!

A, hopefully, temporary resident of this dramatic period myself, I was very curious to meet Jardel. As he opened his office door I was welcomed inside with a big smile exuding warmth that made me instantly comfortable. Meeting an insider and a professional this was my one chance to ask him how he managed to keep the zilla out of the bride and design exclusivity for each event with a perfection that’s hard to match. “Being a good listener is the most important thing!” Jardel answers me. He continues, “when you listen, you start observing your clients. It’s all about reading people, understanding what they want. When a client asks me to create their dream wedding it only takes me five questions to give them exactly what they want.”

Inclusive of weddings, Eventchic Designs also offers a wide range of event planning and coordination services ranging across luxury, consumer, fashion, technology and private sectors.“  It’s where passion meets perfection, I believe this 100%”, says Jardel explaining the brand ethos. “People choose us because of the passion and the creation that follows the passion. Be yourself, be unique, depict your own individuality through your events, that’s what sets you apart from the others.” I listened eagerly whilst simultaneously observing his work desk. There were books on flower arrangements and events, pretty typical for an event designer but what caught my eye were gorgeous sketches of venue stages, platforms and altars made for different weddings. Alongside these were mood boards, not the ones that we create on pinterest but ones that visually depicted exactly what the wedding would be like. This was the personal style that made Eventchic designs stand out in a crowd.

From designing the opening of the Palazzo Versace hotel in Dubai, to creating the first ever wedding to take place on the terrace of the Burj Al Arab, Jardel Silva is an event maestro and a wedding weaver turning our dream wedding into reality! I absolutely HUBB everything about Eventchic’s unique designs and can’t wait to see what they get up to next!



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