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Who says pajama’s are just for the bed?

Fashionable loungewear is on the rise. You first saw this fashion trend when celebrities wore them onto the red carpet ,then onto the streets, but now this has definitly evolved and has become high street amongst us Fashionista’s. What is not to love about the pajama look. It’s the perfect union between comfort and glamour. To make the look work, it is important to come across well put together and not as if you just rolled out of bed, literally!!!

  • If you plan to go full pajama mode then I suggest that you wear a nice pair of satin pajamas. I also recommend hemming the length, If they appear to be touching the ground.
  • You want them to hit between your calf and or ankle. Then I would add a nice pair of heels. They can be kitten heels, if your not into wearing such a high heel. The key is not to wear flats. They may appear as if they were your slippers. I feel it may take away from the elegance your trying to achieve.
  • Perhaps add a statement piece of jewelry and to finish the look a bold lipstick color. Now if going full pajama mode may be too much for you, there are other ways to incorporate this fashion trend. Instead of a jacket, wear a Japanese inspired robe or kimono. This too is an easy and elegant way to elevate your fashion style.

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  • Another way to add a little pajama style is to just wear the shirt. Wear it with a skirt or pants and or even a pair of shorts. Depending upon the time of day you can take this out for the evening or to run around errands during the day. Now if you decide to wear the pants part of the pajama set. I recommend using a satin finish to elevate your look and not to look like your wearing your comfy PJ’s.

  • Last but not least, a slip dress is another way of bringing your loungewear out into the public. For eveningwear, you can wear the slip dress with a nice piece of jewelry and a pair of heels. However, if you do decide to wear them during the day, flats are fine. A slip dress can also be paired with shirt underneath if you want to change up the look and make it a little more casual.

Rihanna – Source: Instagram

From Runway to Street Wear, the good news about the pajama trend is that is isn’t going anywhere anytime soon!!



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