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If you haven’t already noticed neon colors are a huge trend for SPRING/SUMMER 19. What’s not to love about this classic brought back from the 80’s, Its fun and oh so bright!!

They are of course colors that will make you stand out. Though celebrities such as Hailey Baldwin and Kim Kardashian West make it seem so effortless, I think we can all agree it just may not be for everyone. So if you want to be on trend but want to wear it low key, here are some style tips to follow and you are sure not to go wrong!!



If you are not use to wearing bright colors, then starting with something small such as a pair of neon earrings, maybe a statement necklace may be a start. Accessories are a great way to add the neon into your wardrobe without making such a huge statement.




A great way to transition neon into your outfit is to mix it with a neutral outfit. Colors such as Black, White and Brown are all in the neutral family.

For instance, why not incorporate a neon Camisole/Top with a pair of black pants.  You could also wear a neon pair of pants with something neutral on top such as a beige sweater for instance. The key is to balance and neutralize the bright color.



Mix & Match

If you’re feeling a little bold, mixing it up with two neon colors can be fun. Neon Pink mixed with Neon Blue in one outfit can look bold, yet colors will blend.






A great way to add some neon into your life and not going to bold, is by adding a great clutch for instance to your outfit. You can also, get a pair of sneakers that scream neon or with a hint of neon. I also think having a great pair of strappy heels can be just the right touch of neon to stay on trend and not be so bold.



If you do want to be fierce and go for a solid neon piece, a sheath dress is a great way to still appear classic in style yet trendy.



Last but not least, the most important thing when you do wear neon is to make sure you feel comfortable. You don’t want to wear it, because all of your friends are or because social media tells you too. You want to wear it because it looks good on you and it makes you feel confident. Start small and if neon from head to toe is not for you!! Most importantly have fun!!!!





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