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How To Declutter Your Wardrobe

As you rang in the New Year, one of your resolutions is probably to purge your closet. We all want to simplify and get rid of things we no longer need. But let’s face it, it can be difficult and perhaps emotionally draining. The key is to have a healthy relationship with your clothes.

Here are some tips on how to help you clear out your wardrobe and start the New Year with a fresh start.

Throw Away Anything That Is Cheap And Overly Trendy

Let’s face it, with all the fast fashion stores at our fingertips whether it be at the mall or online, chances are the quality and the amount of times you have actually worn the garment is probably minimum. Take this time to reevaluate your wardrobe and ask yourself will you really wear that again. Especially if it’s something that is overly trendy. Take this time to realign your fashion purchases and stick to pieces that will be of more value.

Keep The Basics

Your wardrobe should be built on basics that will be the foundation of what you wear. The building blocks may be different from person to person but the following are items that every stylish woman should have in her closet. A good basic t- shirt, dark denim jeans, LBD, white button down shirt, black trousers, ballet flats, classic pumps and a great handbag. The question you need to ask yourself is how many  shirts, shoes etc do you really need to help you simplify and declutter your closet.

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Be Ruthless

I can’t be anymore specific than this. This is where decluttering your closet can be quite emotional. You met your husband when you wore that dress, You landed your first job , you wore it in HS, I can go on and on. However, you need to ask yourself the following questions and then as I say above BE RUTHLESS!                                                                                                                    Does the garment no longer fit you well? You have not worn the outfit in over a year, You no longer love the style. Is the item stained or damaged.  Once you have truthfully answered the above questions then you need to let go and purge. Either give it away or sell the item and maybe get some money back on your return.

Clone Clothing

How many times do you go shopping , to only realize you bought a jacket that is almost identical to one you already own. I know its happened to me, not just once but many times. This is where you need to ask yourself for instance,  How many floral dresses do I need. I understand having several t-shirts, and jeans but dresses, jackets, trousers. This is where you need to reevaluate your wardrobe  and as I said above, Be Ruthless!!

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Edit Early On and Often

This is key to maintain and keep your closet clutter free. Take time perhaps once a month to take a quick glance of what you have worn and how often have you worn that article of clothing. A trick you can do, is to hang your clothing all in the same direction and when you wear the article you hang it up in the opposite direction. If you haven’t worn something in a while you will quickly see it and then have to make that ruthless purge.

Color And Style Coordinate Your Closet

The best way to help you keep your cloet organzied and also clutter free is to arrange your wardrobe by style. Dresses, in one area , jeans in another, long sleeve shirts, etc etc. Then once you have doen that,  I like to arrange everything by color. Not only will it make your closet look super organized , it will also enable you to see what you need more or less of. For instance you may have very little color and you may want to add some to your wardrobe. It also helps you identy how many clone pieces of clothing you already own, so you can ask yourself truthfully as above and hopefully attain a clutter free closet.








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