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Here’s Why You Must have a Vision Board

Vision Board

You must have heard this time and time again, that the vision boards are really influencing lives but many a times there are people just brush it off and role their eyes at the idea of it. Well, before you do just that, hold on a for a min and scroll down to see why vision boards bring your goals and aspirations to life.

For those, who don’t know what this is, a vision board is a collage of pictures or items that are meant to help visualise your goals and give you a clear picture of where you would like your life to be.

So, here’s how vision boards can help

1. How does it work?

Everyday there will be moment, where you feel you constantly think of bettering your life by making some life changes or working towards buying that favourite car of yours or planning to buying that house 10 years after a good saving, Creating a vision board forces you to think on what you really want from life.  A vision board helps you focus on those goals and aspirations.

2. Vision boards are in your face all day which is a great thing!

The reason why visions boards are so great are because visualisation is one of the most popular and effective way for anything today. Today with everything in your face, from fashion to a home decor, a vision board also helps in inspiring you on a daily basis. Even when you’re busy with a crazy schedule or having a bad day, the vision board is there to remind you of your goals.

3. It helps you organise your goals.

Once everything is out there on the board, you will no longer find your mind cluttered. Once you see everything displayed systematically on the board, it will all start to make sense. Maybe you might want to keep changing it from time to time, to either eliminate certain plans or to add more onto the board. But surely, it will make a huge difference.

4. It assists in getting rid of the negativity.

In the real world, there are many times that we are faced with the hardships of life which gradually then become the way of thinking. There are many times, people around you will try and get you down with their negative comments and actions, which result in tainting your vision in achieving your goals. Vision boards exude a sense of positivity where all the good things that are supposed to happen in your life are right there in front of you reminding you daily of them. Putting positive affirmations on the board also enhance a sort of a self-talk and remind you why you chose this path.

At the end of it, a vision board is something that will constantly grow and change and will make you do the same. So, go ahead and make that vision board. I know I will.



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