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Three Little Pigs- GUCCI’s Chinese New Year Collection

Ophidia GG tote with Three Little Pigs


The world renowned and reputed luxury fashion brand Gucci celebrates the New Year of China by dropping a hint on the country’s zodiac sign in 2019. Being the twelfth of the twelve years circle of the Chinese zodiac sign, the pig has a wide appraise this year.  In china, the people celebrate every twelve years as the pig’s kismet even though it is considered as a ‘gloomy animal’. According to the Chinese Zodiac, the pig year started in 1923 and continued to be repeated in 1935, 1947, 1959 etc.

On their brand’s variegated fashion goods, Gucci portrays the pig sign through the outlasting Disney adaptation of the fable ‘Three little pigs’.  The piglet characters appear on every accessory collection in relation with the Chinese New Year celebrations.

Gucci men’s cotton polo, T-shirts and sweatshirts which imprints the three little pigs’ stamp drum up rarity of a land’s heresy through modern trends. Ophidia GG back packs and totes, shoulder bags, card cases and wallets also remain blended with the zodiac sign. Together with the Ace sneakers for men and women, a wool wardrobe with a set of piglet printed wool hat, wool cardigan, piglet wool scarf etc welcomed the festive campaign of the Chinese New Year celebration. The stardom of the pet piglets will rise up on 5th February 2019 when the year of the pig starts. It ends only on 24th January 2020.



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