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Fashion trends for 2019

We are already one month in of the new year and the fashion week for this season is in full swing for 2019!

Looks like the wheel of history is turning round and round. These trends are making a comeback for this year. Are you ready for them?


1. Tie & Dye

This age old garment is re-introducing itself in various aspects. Whether is a shirt, hoodie, dress, skirt or even boots, the tie and dye is making the rounds on the streets and we are loving it.



2. Cargo Pants

Move aside 2000’s , the 90’s are back! Cargo pants have been given the warmest welcome on the runways. Not only for men, but women are going to be rocking this look for the new season.


3. Broad Shoulder Jackets

Lets think Madonna circa ’82 and who can forget those powerful suits Joan Collins donned so confidently in ‘Dynasty’. Well, now so can you!! Rummage through your mums wardrobes and dig in deep and bring those fabulous jackets back to life.

4. Fringe

Who doesn’t love a little drama! It’s the return of the fringe and there is no limit to going all out with this trend! Surely a head turner!


5. Leather leggings

I, personally, feel that leggings is one trend that should never ever go out of stye for the sheer comfort and confidence it provides. Here is the trend with a facelift of a leather version. Although, this trend has carried forward from last year, we are surely not complaining!




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