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Designers that you need to watch out for each season

When we were at NYFW, we were mesmerised by so much creativity that is showcased on the runway.. but there are always the few that capture your heart a little more than the others.

Vaishali S

Vaishali S digs deep into her culture and displays a neutral-hued collection of handcrafted garments inspired by the natural elements in her homeland of India. Her boho-chic feel is felt across the room and drapes that are envious. Her choice of materials are earthy and honest.



Elie Madi

Lebanese designer Elie Madi has dressed up celebrities Β like Carrie Underwood, Katy Perry and many more. His intricate work, attention to detail and perfect fits make leave you enchanted and create a longing to acquire every piece for yourself. He has this old Hollywood feel which makes you look ethereal. His work is genius.


Kenneth Barlis

Kenneth Barlis’s penchant for high end couture was visible in his first show. When he expanded into Men’s couture, it was an instant hit and the fashion world sat up and noticed. Love the way he plays with colours and sharpens the finer points of every silhouette.


Kentaro Kameyama

Kentaro surprised a lot of people when he was the winner of Project Runway. A lot of people questioned the title he acquired but when his show begins, you instantly see the winner. Modern, contemporary and uber stylish, the artist surely knows his cuts. All we can say is that whoever doubted his win, needs a vision test.



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