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Crazy, Psycho Love

I’ve done it. I’ve cracked the code. I know what ruins relationships. It’s so simple. I wonder why I didn’t think of it before. The answer has been under our noses all along.

Men. Yes, you read it right. Men ARE the problem!

The reason I say this, is not just because I’ve had a break up, no, I mean, you think I’m going to be using an online portal to vent?  No…. yes… no… okay YES I am!  Men are the root cause of all problems.

Disclaimer: there is going to be a bit of male bashing. Moving on.

So, let me take you through my nasty relationship. God, what a disaster it was. It went on for about 10 months and I swear, the most peaceful sleep I’ve had is the night we broke up. Yes, it was that bad.

It started off well, just like most new relationships. We were getting to know each other and were ridiculously happy. Partly because I was wearing my rose tinted glasses and my new best friends were unicorns and butterflies. Heart emojis were where my eyes used to be.  I think my brain lived in another part of my body *ahem*, which is why I was more… compliant, for lack of a better word.

But then, something snapped, like the feeling of seeing the label saying it’s ‘Made in Cambodia’ while you’re standing in a store in Italy, which sucks by the way!  I realised that I needed to start doing things that I liked. And he, of course, didn’t like that.

God, it’s like his tiny brain (and another tiny appendage) was unable to understand the meaning of the word ‘no’. Everything I did suddenly started becoming a problem. ‘Why do you have to hang out with your friends so much?’ ‘Am I not a priority anymore?’

Ladies, let me introduce to the first of the many types of boyfriends.


This is the type of guy who needs to know where you are always and if you don’t provide this information, you can gradually witness the live version of Dr Jekyll turning into Mr Hyde. ‘Why didn’t you call me?’ ‘Where were you?’ ‘Who were you with?’ ‘Why were you gone for so long?’ and the worst one… ‘Who is he and why is he texting you?’

And I thought my mother was inquisitive.

The worst questions are really the ones about other guys in your life. At the start of the relationship, this is the type of guy that says he is more than secure about your male friends. But six months in, every guy in your life who isn’t an immediate family member is a ‘threat’. Even if it’s the 18-year-old intern in your office who looks like he hasn’t hit puberty yet.

This type of psycho, controlling boyfriend will call you several times through the day regardless of how busy you may be. This is also the type of boyfriend who will make you feel guilty for having a social life outside of your relationship with him. You will also be made to feel guilty if his friends aren’t your friends.

So here’s a solution to this guy…. RUN! And don’t look back. You don’t need FBI throwing the light in your face in a closed room full of mirrors wondering if you should just come clean about a crime that you never committed just to Shut That Front Door!!

Ladies, it’s in our DNA to ask the questions. Let’s just stick to the status quo, shall we?

Sigh! I’m feeling better now.

Ofcourse the many many kinds of men who you may have encountered at some point in your life are all going to be spoken about..and I’m doing my research well. Let’s talk about them as the weeks go by.

Until next time… stay empowered!



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