Crazy, Psycho Love – The Relationship

Hello one. Hello all!

Now, let’s recap what has happened in my life so far: I started seeing someone recently, as I told you guys – remember Mr. Blue Eyes? Yeah, him.

I am happy to report that things are going great! I mean, it’s only been a few weeks so it’s early days but I think I can safely say that this is going to be one of my more successful forays in the world of dating, because let’s face it; I’ve had horrible luck up until now. BUT! Things are looking up, so that is awesome.

Somehow, I have ended up in an honest-to-God relationship. I mean, the man got me flowers… and not even just roses (which I don’t like)… he got me orchids! Who does that?! (Not anyone I’ve met, that’s for sure).

He had the flowers sent to my office the day after our first date, so obviously, I was the subject of the water cooler gossip that day. It was thoughtful, wasn’t it?

I will deny it if anyone asks, but that gesture had me swooning for quite a few days *Sigh*

You know, I never realised how much I missed being in a relationship. The initial part is always exciting, isn’t it? The conversations, the messages you get every so often asking how your day is going and oh, the romance!

The Romance! How I have missed this! And of course, the compliments are amazing to hear.

But like I said, it’s early days… I’ve never been so good at relationships in the past and let’s just hope that I manage to not royally mess this up!

*fingers crossed*

Until next time… stay empowered!





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