Crazy, Psycho Love 3.0

Hello one, hello all!

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Well, no worries… I’m back… and I’m back with a realisation. I’ve only ever talked about the *ahem* not-so-nice type of men, so let’s switch things up a bit today, shall we?

So, today I’m going to be talking about a rare breed of the species. This is an elusive kind that you don’t get to encounter too often, which is why when you do come across one of these, it becomes a bit hard to recognise and even categorise the type. Oh yes, I’m talking about…

3. The Nice Guy

Now, full disclosure: I’ve never actually dated a nice guy myself, but I’ve definitely seen a few up close and personal, because one or two of my friends have dated a nice guy… just one or two, mind you.

Anyway, this is the type of guy who is just so nice and caring and thoughtful and sweet and kind. And if you’re lucky, he’ll be super cute as well. No, but this is the type of guy who takes your thoughts and feelings into consideration, while having his own opinion. He is extremely supportive and celebrates all your achievements, big or small, with equal enthusiasm and shares your grief and sorrow as if it were his own.

This is also usually the type of guy that your parents approve of because he is just so damn… nice! I know I keep using the same word, but that’s because there is LITERALLY no other word to describe this type of guy.

Like this is the type of guy who if you call at 3AM because your favourite TV show got cancelled, he will answer the call and at least, listen to you vent. This is all the type of guy that if you tell him you want to go shopping on date night, he’ll pout and whine a bit, but he will also accompany you on your MANY shopping sprees.

I’m not saying this type of guy doesn’t have any flaws’ nobody is perfect. But when you get so much good and nice, you tend to overlook the small things. And let’s face it… it’s the quirks that really and truly make a person who they are.

Also, if someone knows any nice guy who’s like single, then let me know in the comments below. Be nice and help a sister out, people!

I feel like maybe I’ve been a tad TOO nice today, so I’m going to stop right here!

Until next time… stay empowered!



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