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Crazy, Psycho Love 2.0

Hello hello hello!

So, the last time we spoke, I told you that I would regale with you my take on the different types of men we encounter in our lives. But before I go there, I want to tell you a story. So, sit back and relax.

I have this friend who was dating this guy… let’s call him Joe. Now, Joe and her were ridiculously happy and in love and all that. It was one of those relationships that gives cynical people like me, hope that there might be something to this whole angle of life. Anyway, so they were happy and all that jazz. Their 6-month anniversary was coming up and my friend decided that she would surprise Joe by cooking him his favorite childhood meal because he always used to tell her that not having home cooked meals was the one downside of being away from home.

So, she researched… for the perfect recipe and practiced on willing friends like me till she was happy. And then finally, the day arrived. She cooked him a beautiful meal and decorated the house… basically, she pulled out all the stops. And it was going great. Joe loved the food and he was very… appreciative (in his own way ahem).

It was perfect, until much later, Joe opened his mouth to say the wrong thing.

“You know babe, everything was great. The food was amazing, but you should really speak to my mum. No one cooks better than her… she can give you tips. Maybe next time, the food will be better”.


Here’s the second type of men.

  1. Mama’s Boys

There is nothing necessarily wrong with these type of guys. I think it’s amazing that some people have such a healthy relationship with their mothers, but it gets a bit annoying when everything is “Oh, you do this? Great, but my mum does it better”. Don’t get me wrong..hey I love mothers. They are our pillar of hope and all that, but have you noticed that there is weird feeling when your guy’s mother is in the picture. I can’t put a finger to it. But I do know from my married friends, that the feeling is compared to scratching your nails on a blackboard. *shudder*

Pro tip guys: don’t constantly be saying that to a girl you’re with. No one likes the comparison. If you don’t do it, then that is awesome and if you’re single, please leave a comment below for me. Just kidding! Or am I? Never mind.

My point is that ladies, if you ever find yourself in such a situation then just do the adult thing. Be a badass and have that conversation with the man in question.


Believe me, open communication is the KEY to every relationship..well most of the time atleast. Just ask my last boyfriend. He’ll tell you a few stories. Even I could… but another day perhaps.

Until next time… stay empowered!



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