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Wrap me up!

Headline: Wrap Me Up! An elegant scarf is one of the few accessories that transcends trends, seasons and even generations, and you’re just as likely to spot IMF chief Christine Lagarde, whose own signature silk knot is touted as…

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Furne One of Amato- Dubai’s Finest!

In the past decade, Furne One has made a name for himself in Dubai. Not only does he hold the record of having the finest clientele residing in the Middle East, but celebrities like Beyonce and Katy Perry have…

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The Million Dollar Bride!

London-based designer Debbie Wingham is famous for her ‘world’s most expensive’ series. She’s raised the bar yet again with her most expensive bride cake priced at a million dollars! at the Dubai Bride Show. Hubb caught up with the…

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You Want To Be “RETOLD”!!!

Hubb meets with founder, Sian Rowland Founder and CEO of RETOLD , the store which is all about giving clothes a second chance at happiness and retelling their story. Built on minimalistic and sustainable living, they aim to reinforce Reduce, Reuse, Recycle…

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Vintage Fashion Anyone?

The UBM Fashion wholesale market at Jacob Javits in NYC added a new section to their wholesale exhibition, Vintage Fashion! Check out our video interviews with several featured vintage vendors answering the question “Why vintage?”.  …