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The Misogynist Woman

I have been contemplating on reporting this one for a while now. But I really do think it’s time. It’s a time when the world is questioning the role of a woman more than ever before. I really laugh when I meet a misogynist woman. Sadly, they belong from my generation or the next. So, who is the misogynist woman? She’s someone you know, in your circle, who hail from great families, highly educated and are within the top social…

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Furthermore | The F Word

My Kingdom For A Clavicle

Ever since I started doing my humungosaurus impressions, [and I’ve been doing them for the last 4 years], the first thing I notice about people are their clavicles.  The sight of a set of one can drive me to…

Furthermore | The F Word

One Tight Spanx

The LBD is a travesty. It is designed to clothe a woman who is little. I’m not. I was. That is the past. The LBD in my case, forms a tight fitting sheath for my left thigh. Think crepe…

Furthermore | The F Word

I’ll Cough Through It All

Have you ever noticed, that when someone reports sick…for work or play and they do it over the phone, it does not really matter what they are the victims of.. cholera, malaria, diphtheria, a strange Alaskan bug… it always translates through the phone as…