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JOMO (Joy Of Missing Out) – The new Self Care

I am a big believer and a follower of FOMO’s counterpart JOMO. FOMO, fear of missing out as it’s fondly called, is an uncomfortable feeling one feels when they are not at a social event or haven’t seen the latest movie everyone is talking about in the office. Just scrolling through their social media casually could make them feel queasy because they weren’t a part of the selfie their friend took with the rest of the gang on the beautiful…

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Ladurée Tearooms Dubai Mall
Featured Food | The F Word


Last night, Ladurée, the French tearoom and patisserie, revealed its new decor and menu at its original Dubai Mall branch, which is soon to mark its 9th birthday. Coinciding with a visit from global president David Holder, Ladurée hosted…

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  The worldwide celebrity lady stars have been a major force to become accidental brand ambassadors of all-purpose aesthetics. Primarily, the women who are the idolaters of those beau ideals opt for the loveliness of miscellaneous lipstick brands. Rather…

Back pain Remedies
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The truth about back pain in Cold weather

Back pain is one of the most common spinal conditions in the UAE and third most common reason for visits to the doctor’s office. Severe cases can lead to spinal degenerative disease, also known as degenerative disk disease, or any disease…

Purification Garcia
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Winter Ready with Purification Garcia

Winter is here in the better part of the world and the other parts are getting ready for it. Year after year, we keep thinking on how to up our fashion game this season. If anything, layering up is…