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Are you ready for Spring/Summer ??

Valentino has just launched their latest collection of the season.

‘There wilt thou find, if thou wilt thither post,

Whatever thou on earth beneath hast lost.’

Ludovico Ariosto, The Frenzy of Orlando, cantos XXXIV


Just like in a fantasy. The genre that favors knowing, exploring and discovering, investigating on other perspectives. Genre that sees the moon as one of its destinations: a bright and mysterious planet, but also a spot from which to view the beauties of the earth from another angles.The moon as an elsewhere, a parallel universe, a second opportunity. The moon as glamour: sidereal and necessary distance.

Glamour: what is normal becomes imaginative. Shape, color and matter alter to astonish, without betraying their function of use. The blouson, the cargo trousers, the tank tops, the bermuda, the shirt, the dress: elements of a wardrobe reread with a metaphorical interpretation. Volumes that liquefy, hems that shorten, details that mutate. PVC reveals and shines. Embroideries narrate. Micro, macro flowers and multicolor pois multiply. Synthetic stimuli in scales of reds, greens and pastels. Metallic touches. Overflowing edges. Color as matter, matter as colour. Fashion goes back to being a free fantasy exercise, this being one of its functions, or rather its main function: making the ordinary, extra-ordinary.








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