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Azzedine Alaïa Pays Tribute To Salvatore Ferragamo

One of the most admired couturiers of our time, an inventor of unique, timeless pieces and a true sculptor of fabric for the body, Azzedine Alaïa pays tribute to the pioneering spirit of Salvatore Ferragamo’s shoes in the original and unusual way that only a non- conventional creator could.

The Florentine fashion company learned of this unexpected honour when it received the prestigious designer’s special request to pair some of the gowns in his fashion show, that was held in Paris recently, with a very specific style of designer shoes, the “Indiana” created by Salvatore Ferragamo in 1925.

A series of this stunning style was specially made for the Alaïa fashion show. A very particular pump with an upper that covers the entire foot, the “Indiana” was an early precursor to the well-known pump boot.

Azzedine-Alaia x Salvatore Ferragamo


Salvatore Ferragamo, alias shoemaker to the stars, designed it in stretch cotton with a leopard print, long before it had been so widely embraced by the fashion world.

The “Indiana” was created for Hollywood divas and was later used for a special endorsement in Califor- nia in the mid-Twenties, when Salvatore Ferragamo was starting up his Los Angeles shoe atelier.

Hollywood star Lola Todd was the first to wear the leopard-print boot, which appeared in an endorse- ment published in California 1926 with a feminine, head-to-toe leopard print look.

“The Return to Italy”, the current exhibition at Museo Salvatore Ferragamo, is featured in the special “Ferragamo’s Creations” capsule collection of the brand’s most iconic and historic shoes – appealed to Azzedine Alaïa’s long-sightedness and creative spirit.


Indiana – Salvatore Ferragamo


Salvatore’s pump boot is one of those few special creations that have written shoe history with their inventiveness and innovative materials, while retaining such a timeless power of expression that their re-appearance today incites no less excitement on the contemporary catwalk. And, in this case, it happens to be one of the most captivating catwalks in international fashion world.

“I have always been a longtime admirer of Salvatore Ferragamo and his work, constantly ahead of his time and inspiration to all. I thank the Ferragamo family for this collaboration together,” said Alaïa.



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