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Bells are Ringing for a Royal Wedding – The Celebrations have Begun #NickYanka

“How to sing like Nick Jonas?” One of the frequently asked questions on Google never keep itself concealed in front of anyone who would like to find out who Nick Jonas is. It seems no magic for the reason which a 26 year old young man like Nick was chosen by Priyanka Chopra as her future husband. The renowned American singer and versatile star of the albums like ‘Jealous’ and ’Close’ and many other mind blowing compositions, the one and…

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AcademyUFashion SS18 FW18 NYFW OriginalMusic

This New York Fashion Week the Academy of Art University, the oldest art school + the largest fashion program on the West Coast held its annual master class fashion show at New York Fashion Week.…

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Rana Akkari for Hubb

Fashion, food and lifestyle blogger Rana Akkari (@alittlemesswonthurt) talks about the Dubai summer and how to maintain your hair during it.…

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Coach also revealed a short film, which is a nod to the Showtime kids who perform on the city’s subway. The short film features the Coach gang with dancers Joel “Kozik” Leitch and Randy “KidTheWiz” Vargas and music by…

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Natalia Itani for Hubb

Exotic Car enthusiast and entrepreneur Natalia Itani chats (and sings) with Hubb’s Sarfaraz Ali!…