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7 questions with Bijal Soni

Surrounded by greenery, flowers and dream catchers, I had to actually remind myself that I was still in the desert. It was another day and one gorgeous shoot location at El Chiringuito Dubai. I was interrupted in my thoughts by a text informing me that our next influencer had arrived. Social media influencer, founder and editor at myprdiaries,  heading the entire Public Relations for online fashion retail giant Namshi, Bijal Soni needs no introduction.

Whether it’s the launch of a new product, new collection, organizing social media campaigns, reviewing a new restaurant or going for a movie premier, there’s very few events you won’t see this PR powerhouse at. Intrigued by her lifestyle filled with glamour, gorgeous clothes, fabulous events, her constant dedication, effortless style and her undying passion for work here’s seven things that give you an insight into the world of Bijal Soni.

Describe a day in your life?

“I really don’t have a 9-6 job. I think that kind of goes without saying when you’re a  part of the PR industry, but typically my day starts quite early at about 7am. I try and set up most of my meetings in the first half of the day so that they are out of the way, and the second half of my day is dedicated to internal meetings, catching up on emails and planning the rest of the week. An important part of my role is also to network, which means I have to regularly attend events, dinners, brunches, it doesn’t stop on the weekend either.”

Tell us about your role at Namshi?

“I joined Namshi a little over three years ago and I am currently heading up the PR and events team. I was brought on board to launch, develop and grow the PR department as there was no PR team that existed before I joined. It also meant I had to start from scratch to educate everyone on who or what Namshi is and the brands that we have on the site. Today, the company has grown tenfold and is continuing to grow exponentially on a daily basis. We have launched several successful PR campaigns, added several new categories to the website including Namshi premium, beauty and most recently home.  I also work very closely with the digital and social team, in order to identify and work on strategic collaborations with up and coming and established trendsetters and style icons in the region that complement the Namshi brand personality.”

Things about you that no one knows?

“I am terrified of public speaking! No, really. No one would believe that because I work in PR but it is actually true! I am 100% vegan, even though everyone automatically assumes I eat meat because I’m always trying different restaurant concepts. I am scared of anything that crawls, flies or jumps at me. I’ve lived in Dubai all my life and have watched this beautiful city transform into what it is today. Lastly, I’m actually a closeted homebody. You might think I love going out (which I actually do half the time) because I attend so many social events, but I would rather be home on the couch, watching Netflix!”

Why did you start ‘My PR Diaries’? What has that journey been like?

“I really had no intentions of starting myprdiaries, it just kind of fell into place last year. I wanted to create a platform to give an insight into this dynamic industry. I have been in the PR industry for over 9 years now and most of the clients I have worked on, the experiences that I have been through, the relentless drive and passion, the never ending hours that we put into our work paved way to the launch of myprdiaries. The journey has been absolutely incredible!  Another very important reason for starting My PR Diaries is to share industry insights from the experts. Every interview I have posted from The Insider has received incredible engagement!”

What advice would you give to budding influencers or bloggers?

“When developing and creating content, my advice would be to find your niche, something you are passionate about and that will make you stand out from your peers. You can be a lifestyle blogger, but you still need to represent your own personality because if you don’t it is very easy to get lost just to post things which you do not believe in. With the rise of social content creators, I feel it is important to identify your passion. That is when you start creating a genuine feed that everyone wants to follow rather than creating purely commercial content.”

What is your health & fitness routine like? 

“I would love to say that I work out every single day, but I don’t! I have actually formed a community of ‘fitness’ enthusiasts who get me to work out on a regular basis. So the days that I am not in the mood, I always have one of them forcing me to get out of bed at 6am at least 3-4 times a week.”

Writer, Influencer, PR manager, which role does Bijal HUBB the most? 

“Right now at this very moment, these three roles make up who I am, so it’s hard to love either one more than the other . The fact that I have an insight from both worlds, definitely helps to maintain a balance. I get a fair understanding of what brands are looking for and the expectations from each project which makes it easy to deliver and generate content. I also don’t think of it as work because if you enjoy what you do, it really doesn’t feel like work.”



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