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5 Super Healthy Snack Ideas

I told you… I was taking this whole ‘healthy eating’ thing slightly more seriously this time. So, I’ve compiled a list of super healthy snacks that you can munch on when you feel the urge to reach out for those chips or sweets!

1. Greek Yogurt and Mixed Berries 

Plain Greek yogurt and berries make a delicious, nutrient high snack. In addition to being a great source of calcium and potassium, Greek yogurt is also very high in protein!

2. Apple slices with Peanut Butter

I mean, who doesn’t love peanut butter. It is fairly high in calories, so it’s best to consume it in moderation. Don’t go nuts (literally!)

3. Dark Chocolate and Almonds

This makes for a rich, satisfying and very travel friendly snack. Pop these in your bag and you can reach for them when you feel a drop in your energy at any point in the day.

4. Edamame

This is great for vegetarians and is high in folate and several minerals, including iron, magnesium and manganese.

5. Baby Carrots 

Carrots are among the best sources of carotenoids, including beta carotene, which your body can convert into vitamin A.

Got any other healthy snack ideas? Let us know in the comments below!




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