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5 Signs Your Husband is A Mama’s Boy!

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Are you married to a mama’s boy? What is that, you say? If you don’t already know that, Girl  you’re in big trouble.

The darling mother in law is there around your husband like a moth to a flame and your husband doesn’t mind it at all.

These are 5 signs that your guy is a mama’s boy!


1. He’s Still Living With His Parents

Now in some cultures this may be mandatory (which I still don’t get why). Living with your own parents can surely get to you from time to time, now imagine living with his parents. He is too comfortable there and feels as if living alone will be the end of life.


2. His Mother Is Always Around

“Has he eaten properly?” “Is he sleeping okay?” “Don’t bother him with things such as going out. He must be so tired after a whole day at work!” Do these dialogues seem familiar? The poor son is a tortured soul and she is his only saviour. You must understand that you will NEVER be good enough to take care of him, the way she will. And when you do tell him about the constant nagging, he will justify it by saying…….wait for it….. she just cares. pftttttttt



3. He Never Stands Up For You

Dealing with an overbearing person can be mentally taxing for anyone. If you have a mother in law who loves to treat you with taunts and mind games, that can be quite hard. But if you have a husband who knows this and still doesn’t stand up against her for you, then that is harder.


4. He Is A Spoilt Brat

Are you running all the errands while your prince charming won’t move a muscle? His mum will do all his work for him. Mama’s boys are very spoilt as mamas don’t want their little darlings to trouble their small minds and bullish bodies for anything. They feel as though, their sons have just returned from battle and now they deserve a royal treatment.








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