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5 Reasons We Hubb Dunkirk



Dunkirk released worldwide and everyone is talking about it! Naturally, we decided it would be a good idea to watch the movie and tell you all the reasons we HUBB it!

1. The heartbreaking true story of Dunkirk and the way it was visualized by director Christopher Nolan

The Dunkirk evacuation was a remarkable event where 330,000 French, British, Belgian and Dutch soldiers escaped German invasion in 1940 – it was a great story of survival that was never told on the big screen before.

2. The hauntingly beautiful soundtrack from maestro Hans Zimmer

The ticking time-bomb soundtrack will make sure you always remain at the edge of your seat while throwing you right in the middle of the action

3. The excellent cinematography from Hoyte van Hoytema

The film takes you on a journey across land, sea and air to show you how the British army escapes the war and that is brilliantly captured (in full IMAX glory) by Hoyte van Hoytema

4. Tom Hardy’s turn as a fighter pilot and Harry Styles’ glorious film debut

While Tom Hardy has a small role, he makes his presence felt as a heroic fighter pilot who puts his life on the line. Meanwhile, Harry Styles shakes off any fluffy boy-band notions and shows he has the acting chops to star as a young soldier who is willing to do anything to save his life. Bring on the Oscar nod.

5. The refreshing lack of dialogue

Dunkirk is not your usual summer popcorn fare and that’s evident in the film’s lack of dialogue – the falling bombs, sirens and the soundtrack do most of the talking. This makes it even more hard-hitting and closer to reality than any other war film out there.



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