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3 Reasons Netflix’s ‘You’ Is a cautionary tale

I recently binge watched ‘You’ on Netflix. And when I say binge watched, I mean binge watched. I started the show on a Thursday evening and by Friday night I was done (I did take a break to sleep in between!). While I loved the show and found it very fascinating, it also creeped me out immensely! I mean, he was stalking her for heavens sake! Here’s a list of reasons why and how I think this show serves as a giant CAUTION sign for people everywhere!

1. Social media blocks 

Please please do not upload EVERYTHING on social media! It gives away your location at any point of the day, which is exactly what stalkers are looking for. Just stop.

2. Invest in curtains

Do not pull a Beck! Invest in some damn curtains! It’s the least you can do to keep the intruders out.

3. Always always do a background check 

Okay, maybe not a background check, but it wouldn’t hurt to find out a bit more about the guy you literally bumped into in a bookstore! Isn’t there an old adage about being cautious?!




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