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    Why a vision board is important!

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      The Other Life

      I have been working on relationship stories lately. Where did I get the idea? It was easy. It was everywhere. I love observing. People watching was my favourite thing to do. So when I’m travelling, I will talk to strangers. Randomly start up a conversation with them. Here’s the thing you need to know, strangers will open to you way more than your closest people. I think it’s just the feeling of talking to someone who’s judgement about yourself doesn’t…

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      If you haven’t already noticed neon colors are a huge trend for SPRING/SUMMER 19. What’s not to love about this classic brought back from the 80’s, Its fun and oh so…

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      Why I Oil My Hair

      If I had a penny for each time I was asked on whether you should oil your hair or not, I would have definitely had a decent chunk in my account…

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      Wardrobe Goals

      It is safe to say that every woman’s dream is to have the ultimate Walk-in Wardrobe! Most times it’s the sheer lack of space that doesn’t let us fulfil our dream…

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      Play It Loud Sucker!!

        Okay, so please tell me how excited you about the Jonas Brothers being back! The Jonas Brothers have reunited and their first song out after this great union is ‘Sucker’…

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      Colour me tresses!

      It’s that time of the year again where a new look is required to feel good and bring about a much needed change. If you have been honing the same hair…